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How to Get More Social Media LIKEs & Grow More Loyal Fans

The art & science of social sales

Welcome to Growthology Hub. We show you the secrets to monetizing your social media.

As a small business owner, you need new ways to expand brand awareness and stay on the radar of potential customers.

If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels on Instagram of Facebook without achieving the results you want. Or, if want to use Instagram or Facebook to:

  • Rock Social Sales
  • Grow Brand Awareness
  • Increase your fanbase
  • Convert fans to paying customers
  • Receive lots of referral business

But you’re thinking:

  • I don’t know how to leverage social media to support my business?
  • I don’t know what to post
  • I don’t want to look salesy or monotonous
  • I have a small marketing budget
  • My time is limited

Our easy-to-use Click Factor® social sales coaching programs make rocking social sales fun, fast, and easy. 

Yes! You really can make splash on social media and enjoy every minute.

Growthology Hub’s Click Factor® social media coaching makes it fun, fast, and easy to learn the secrets to getting more LIKEs and more engagement from a large following of loyal fans.

You’ll discover the secrets to using social media to:

  • Attract tons of social media fans
  • Know exactly what to post to get more post LIKEs & engagement
  • Expand your brand awareness
  • Convert fans to paying customers
  • Receive lot of referral business
  • Rock Social Sales 

Click Factor® – How to Get More Social Media LIKEs & Grow More Loyal Fans coaching programs features our step-by-step blueprint including infographics, sample posts, and Do’s & Don’ts Pro Tips to grow your business while elevating your professional image.

You’ll learn the key differences between blah posts that everyone scrolls past and high-engagement Click Worthy posts. And the good news is that you don’t need a fancy camera, expensive ads or slick marketing know how.


With Click Factor ® Coaching you’ll learn the secrets that successful business owners have used for hundreds of years. Plus, you’ll learn how to weave them into your social media posts to inspire fan engagement and keep fans coming back for more.

While most social media coaches will show you a few tips to optimize your posts, Click Factor coaching addresses the eight critical elements, so you’ll always know exactly how to inspire more LIKEs and fan engagement .

You'll learn how to:

get more likes

Get More LIKEs & Engagement

You’ll discover what kind of images and content to post to get more LIKEs and inspire more fan engagement.
connect your social sales

Connect your social sales goals to post content

Learn to post with purpose with a content strategy that impacts your social sales goals.
convert fans to paying customers

Convert fans to paying customers

Uncover the secrets to identifying your super fans & turning those fans in paying customers.

brand awareness

Brand Awareness

Get 24 different ways to show who you are and 40 ways to show what you do so you can present your talents, your products, and services without looking salesy or monotonous.
get more referral business

Get more referral business

Show fans how they can help others by referring them to you.
be recognized as an inspirational leader

Be recognized as an inspirational leader

Discover the secret to become a thought leader in your profession
learn to nurture goodwill

Learn how to nurture goodwill

Find the secret to growing fan loyalty & increase engagement.
educate your fans

Educate your fans

Demonstrate professional credibility and get your fans rooting for you.

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