As the owner of a small business, you already have a lot on your plate.

The good news is that Click Factor® coaching is the fun, fast, and easy way to learn how to promote yourself and your business on social media.

When you’re ready to get more social media LIKEs and grow more loyal fans, we’re here to help. Growthology Hub provides Small Group social sales coaching for those who prefer a to learn with a fun interactive group of like-minded individuals. 

You’ll learn the secrets to relating to your fans, nurturing goodwill, demonstrating your professional expertise, and converting window shoppers to paying customers.

Working on your own might feel easier. It can be lonely though. Many people prefer small group coaching because when they engage with other coaching participants,  they connect, share, communicate and collaborate with each other. 

Learning from and through like-minded colleagues is an enriching experience.

Benefits of Small Group Coaching

Studies show that small group coaching participants enrich the experience for each other.     

That’s because small group coaching gives you a variety of perspectives. Working in a small group allows you to see topics from others point of view. 

Hearing other’s ideas can expand your own thinking and broaden your horizons. Your other group members aren’t just fellow learners, they’re also your support system.

As you’re introduced to new concepts and discuss how to address them, you’ll hear questions from other participants in addition to tips to overcome challenges you may not yet have come across.

Small group coaching programs are a great way to meet like-minded people who often become good friends. 

With Growthology Hub’s Small Group Coaching Program, you’ll have plenty of time to interact in topic related guided discussions. 

Group members are also encouraged to practice  proven ways to share their social media successes and support the efforts of other members.


Investment - $125 per person (minimum of 3 per small group)

You’ll discover:

  1. The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Sales
  2. How to create posts that get more LIKEs
  3. How to increase visibility and engagement
  4. How to identify & achieve your social sales goals
  5. How to promote your products or services without looking salesy or monotonous
  6. How to create monthly social media campaigns
  7. How to promote your professional expertise by showing who you are and what you do
  8. How to inspire more loyal followers
  9. How to identify your super fans

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Course Content

Click Factor Group Coaching Program

Includes one personal one-hour social media strategy session

Five 45-minute sessions

Session 1:

  1. Introduction to Social Sales
  2. Identify your Social Sales Goals
  3. Understanding what you audience is looking for

Session 2:

  1. The Perfect Mix – How to use variety to keep fans coming back
  2. How to write your post to engage fans & get more LIKEs

How to align your social sales goals with fan interests

Session 3:

  1. How to increase brand awareness of who you are & what you do
  2. How to promote your professional expertise without looking like a braggard

Session 4:

  1. How to nurture goodwill & grow loyal fan relationships
  2. How to use inspirational posts to lift spirits, remain top-of-mind, & resonate with your fans

Session 5:

  1. The easy way to identify your super-fans
  2. Post content practice & Pro tips


  1. Day-by-Day Monthly Posting Instructions Blueprint
  2. The Click Factor ® 30- Day Social Media Posting Calendar
  3. The Click Factor ® Day-by-Day Posting Template
  4. Click Factor ® 24 Ways to Show Who You Are List
  5. Click Factor ® 40 Ways to Show What You Do List
  6. Complimentary copy of the Click Factor ® eBook
  7. Follow up Q & A check in session

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